Dog Chocolate Toxicity

Happy Halloween! Just a quick post here about keeping an eye on your dog during Halloween. Most Halloween treats are not acceptable for dogs especially anything sugar free made with Xylitol and remember no chocolate.

There is an excellent interactive Chocolate Toxicity Chart showing based on the weight of your dog how much chocolate it can ingest before being a problem.

Check it out at National Geographic – Chocolate Toxicity Chart

Keep your dogs safe and Happy Halloween!!

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  • danielbeattydvm

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  • Dr. Marie

    Hi Doc!  FYI…some of the links on this page no longer work.  The link to “Knowing How Much Chocolate Will Make a Dog Sick” and “Halloween Chocolate a Serious Threat to Pets” don’t seem to exist any more.
    You may be interested in embedding this chocolate toxicity calculator into your site:  I’d love to hear what you think!
    Dr. Marie.